For a better life

Por una vida mejor

Alena 21, Johniy 23, Rodrigo 20, Bolivia

There is no question that education is the key to poverty reduction, better health, more equitable distribution of resources, and for the participation in social processes of democratization and renewal. In short, education is the key to a better life. Especially in a country like Bolivia where there is great hope for those that are educated because it is mainly young people with good education that are capable of shaping the future of the country in a positive way.

If you ask the children at NPH Bolivia what they want to do after finishing school a majority will say, “study at university!” They understand how important a good job is. With sending students to university there are more financial obligations for NPH. We are very proud that the four oldest pequeños from our home are attending universities, and we are happy that NPH is helping them through donations that pay their expenses.


Alenia is a very curious and alert young woman who is studying to be an industrial engineer. She is not only excited about potential earnings, but also wants to contribute to the development of her country. Her favorite subject is mathematics. "I could also imagine running my own company," she says with great confidence. Alenia lives in Santa Cruz, which is about a two hour drive from NPH Bolivia. She comes regularly on weekends and holidays to our children's home to lend a hand in the houses while cleaning and washing. "I'm very happy here among all the children and my siblings," she explains.


Jhonny (23), one of her brothers, along with Rodrigo (20) both attend the nearby University of Montero. They began in March of this year after having finished their military service. Both have opted for the same area of studies in the engineering for oil production. The reason is obvious as Bolivia is a country with large oil reserves. Rodrigo wants to later travel to other countries. Jhonny on the other hand wants, "a good job, a house and family with little worries. “ Like the two young women, they are share a room where they cook and eat together.  They also spend their weekends and holidays at our NPH home.

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